Sunrise Session


Video from an early morning session at Larkollen, Norway. Made by Karl Oskar T.


Norsjø Kabelpark

Finally had a weekend off (which only ended up in one day off) to go to Norsjø Kabelpark. Been waiting to go there since I got back home, so it was about time! The wakepark was awesome!! Had a great road trip with Ida and got to take out my new board for a spin 🙂



Just got the coolest wakeboard in town 😉 LF Luna 2012 with Grind Base…..Sweeet!


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Norway-Kiting above all expectations!

Had some really good sessions lately at Larkollen in Norway. It has been super good conditions lately here, and I must say that Larkollen already is one of my new favorite spots. Super flat water, and you can also kite around to other small islands around Store Sletter if it gets crowded at Larkollen. Got some photos from my first proper session in Norway, as well as a little video made by Karl Oskar.


Here’s the video: