Taiba and Paracuru Downwinders

Been doing a few downwinders from Cauipe to Taiba and Paracuru, it is amazing. Good waves on the way, and ending up in freestyle-paradise in Taiba/Paracuru. Less crowded there than Cauipe, so definitely worth the downwinder from time to time. Here are some pics from a little trip I did with the house crew the other day.


Living the Dream

Cumbuco, Brasil


Been in Brasil for almost 2 weeks now, and I must say that I love love love it here! It’s windy every single day, which results in a LOT of kiting. It really is paradise. Mostly kiting in Cauipe lagoon, it’s pretty crowded, but still I like it. Super flat water and wind every day, so cannot complain! And there are also so many amazing riders here to be inspired by, the locals are ripping. Have improved my riding pretty well so far, even landed my first air-pass :). That’s it for now!

Mi casa es su casa

‘Welcome to the real world’

He is 33 and doesn’t look a day over 25. We woke up late and had a lazy morning, having breakfast looking out over the ocean and watching the palm trees move gently with the wind. Breakfast is followed by a 200-metre walk down to the beach. The ocean is surrounded by kiters flying in the air. We jump in the water and join them. The adventure of the day consists of a 30-40 km down-winder chasing the waves, ending up at a lagoon filled with perfectly flat water. The lagoon captivates us for hours with activity until the sun sets, the sky is a mixture of orange and pink. The easiest way to get home is a 30 minutes drive with a beach buggy. He opens a beer and asks when I arrived. ‘2 days ago’. He lights up with a big smile, and with a warm gesture he says; ‘Welcome back to the real world’.


Cumbuco, Brasil

Yesterday I woke up in paradise. Clear blue sky, wind up to 30 knots and this view. Acai and freshly pressed garden-picked orange juice from Casa Del Dave was an easy option for breakfast. Brasil is as always a wind machine serving 20-30 knots this whole week:

Excited is an understatement!