Living the dream in Australia

I have been in Perth, WA for about 2 months now and I am loving it as always! My home away from home. It is the best place for freestyle with its amazing flat water spots Woodman’s Point, Safety Bay and Point Walter. Also sunny every day, 35 degrees and steady winds. I have been riding with my new gear; Liquid Force Hifi X kites from Fluid and the Steeze board from Underground. Really love my gear and it makes me happy every session. Been working on getting more consistent with the tricks I recently learned, and it’s going well.

Paul Smyth got some great photos from a session at Woodies the other day. The conditions were amazing, crystal clear water, orange sky with pink clouds.

What more can a girl ask for??



Life is better in booots!

Got into riding with boots in Brazil, and I have not looked back since! It has really made my riding much more powerful and consistent. Check out my blind judge below (Borrowed my friend Tim’s board as I ripped the inserts out of my own board just before this day):