Portugal Pleasures!


After 2 months of studying in Norway, I went to Portugal to work at Camp Fluid. Camp Fluid is a kitesurf camp held in Lagoa De Albufeira, just outside Lisboa. It was a really great stay, 5 weeks of kite, surf and road trips – In general just living large and doing what I love to do!


Camp crew chilling at the top of our van! With Ronja, Helle, Oda and Erik.


The classic office view! Here we are watching Helle improve her boardoff-style. Got to be the most fun colleagues; Helle, Espen and Oda! So many laughs with this crew 🙂


Flatwater madness – Freestylin in the lagoon



Mexican night at Tino and Catarina’s place! The camp is organised by Tino and Catarina, and we all stay at their house. It’s a great house with walking distance to the lagoon. Much love to them for their hospitality! Tino is the funniest camp manager, always up for a good chat or pulling random jokes, while the lovely Catarina serves up delicious dishes almost every night for over 20 people. Cheers to stuffed!!


Every day is a hat-day! We end our day by watching the sun going down over the lagoon from the balcony.

GUINHO – Paradise for waveriders


Guincho was about 1 hour drive from the camp, really loved it there! It has everything you want, beautiful scenery, good people and it is always either windy or waves. The locals are ripping both in the surf and behind the kite and always up for a chilled drink by the beach bars after their sessions. A good place to retire I reckon!


I discovered a new passion – waveriding! Portugal has really good waves, so it would be a shame to not explore this side of kitesurfing. It got pretty big some days, with waves over 3 metres. Guincho is well known for its extreme conditions; and you can purchase the the ultimate souvenir T-shirt with the well deserved words: ‘I survived Guincho’. It was a great adrenaline rush to go out on the big days! Helle, one of the camp instructors, is really good in the waves and she inspired me to try it out :).



WHAT WHAT! Never a boring day at the camp! No wind activity: Playing around in the trees… With Ronja, Fredrik and Erik.

IMG_2922Anybody need a ride?? – Helle representing Fluid! She will take you wherever you want to go and play!

IMG_2289How about checking out the surf on a quiet day…


IMG_2324On a week of no clients and no wind, we decided to go on a road trip along the coast. We packed the van full of toys; longboards, snakeboards, bodyboards, surfboards and kitegear – In search for wind, waves and adventure! With Ronja, Helle, Oda and Erik.

IMG_2514Stop in Santiago – Beautiful view!

sunsetCamping along the south-west coast – Enjoying Sagres and the sunset after a day of surf and kite…!

IMG_4475We LOVE Camp Fluid!!!


IMG_4353Ending this post with the amazing sunset over our lagoon – How could you not love this magical place?


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