Nordic Kite Girls – ON TOUR


For the European summer, Marit Nore, Anne Valvatne and I decided to do a little roadtrip through Denmark and Germany. The trip was supported by Kite Worldwide. What we did was basically just riding around in Denmark and Germany checking out all the good kitespots, hanging with the locals and documenting it. Unfortunately it just so happened that this week was the only week of the summer in Denmark/Germany WITHOUT any wind! Classic rookie mistake to believe it’s going to be windy, even though it was not a slight bit of breeze on the forecast a week in advance. At least you cannot say anything about our optimistic, Nordic spirit! No wind ended up giving us more ‘free-time’ to explore the culture of our neighbor countries, as well as getting up to heaps of other shenanigans.  To sum it up nicely, as our photographer, Uwe Schröder described the Nordics on tour; ‘this is not normal’!!

Enough said.



1st day: Anne and Marit just woke up in Borkhavn, Denmark and are ready for a session! With the 17m 😉


Meeting up with our awesome photographer, Uwe Schröder! He also made our first video; ‘Nordic Kite Girls Unleashed’… He thinks we are abnormal…

IMG_4438When we don’t have a photographer around, we do our own work. Here’s Marit behind the camera, she is getting pretty good with it!


Lynæs Love – How high can you lift your board??


Anne ripping it up at a spot just outside Copenhagen! Last sesh in Denmark, before we are off to Germany.


IMG_4831Breakfast on top of Supreme Surfbus. Best place to hang in Saal, Germany. Thank you so much Claas and Gunnar for your hospitality and the invite to this lovely spot!


No wind fun – Me on the cable in Rostock, Germany.


SUP-sesh with the locals. So moooch fun 😉

NKG copy

Ending our trip with an amazing sunset in Saal. 3 girls on the road, seeking the wind, but finding adventures! With Anne Valvatne, Marit Nore and Malin Amle.

Lots more coming up from this trip, so watch out for some videos and articles!


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