PKRA World Cup – Egypt

I just came back from my trip to Egypt for the PKRA World Cup event that was held there, and I’m very happy to announce that I got 7th place!


It was a lot of good riders at this event, in total 15 ripping girls, so the competition was tough. In addition, the conditions turned out to be pretty challenging. We had some good days, but most of the competition was held when it was blowing up to 40 knots. This is very strong wind, like a sandstorm, and it is very difficult to do any kind of handle pass trick in these conditions. I only had my 7m as my smallest kite, so in my last heat I was not even able to unhook properly. However, I was stoked to make it to 7th place.


My performance was ok taking the conditions into consideration, however I wish I could have done better. I realised that I have to work harder to be able to land all my tricks within 7 minutes in all conditions. It is one thing to do them in perfectly flat water and stable wind, which I usually spoil myself with, than to do them in strong, gusty winds and choppy water. It seems like a lot of the competitions are held where the conditions are rather challenging, so it’s time to work!!



I know I can perform better, and I feel more motivated than ever to push my kiting to the next level. Right now I’m back in Norway to work for some weeks, so I’m taking a break from all the kiting. However, when I’m back on the water I will be ready to give it my all! My next competition will be the PKRA stop in Sankt Peter Ording in Germany in the beginning of August. I’m very excited to go there, as I have heard that it is one of the biggest events of the year and also most of my friends will be there! It will be like a big reunion with the people I have met kiting all over the world. I hope to keep going with international competitions and currently looking for sponsors to help me reach the top! Thanks to Liquid Force, Makulo and Fluid for making it happen so far.




/ Malin




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