Kitesurf Tour Europe 2014

I’m happy to announce my 3rd place in the European Championship of 2014!


This year the competition was held at Hang Loose Beach in South Italy. It was a great event with sun, wind and lots of fun people. Good vibes all the way!


I was not sure if I was ready for this competition, since I had not been training since the PKRA in Egypt 7 weeks ago. Coming straight to a competition like that is maybe not the best choice, however I had to work at home in Norway because I’m planning to be away for a long time this autumn. I still decided to do the competition because I feel it makes me a stronger rider overall if I get more experience with competitions even if I feel prepared or not. Up until now I have learned something new at every competition. I love it when it goes well, and it’s tough when it doesn’t turn out the way you want. However there is always something to learn either way. This time was no exception.


The first day I arrived it was very light wind, and I was struggling to stay upwind while all the others managed to do this. I was scared we would have to compete in these conditions, but luckily the wind picked up for the competition. In the single elimination it was quite light, but manageable with my 13m. Unfortunately I was not completely back in the game, and lost my first heat, leaving me out of the rest of the single elimination.



In the doubles the wind turned offshore and got quite strong and gusty. I had a lot of motivation to climb up the ladder, and luckily I managed to perform better in these conditions. It was still not my best, but I was able to win 4 heats in a row, ending up on the podium so I’m really happy with this. In the last heat I was really tired, and felt like I did not have much more to give. I lost the 5th heat against the local ripper Francesca Bagnoli, she is riding really well. Paula Novotna was back in the game after her injury and took the win. She deserved it!



Next time I will for sure get some more training in before. I need a lot of time on the water to stay in the game as the girls level is going through the roof! All in all I’m really happy to be back doing what I love – traveling, kiting and competing. It is the best life for me, and I feel so fortunate to live it out.


/ Malin

Check out some videos from the event below:

Day 4:
Day 3:
Day 2:
Day 1:


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