Boracay Funboard Cup

Boracay Funboard Cup was held at Bulabog Beach just after a few days after I arrived the Island. The competiton is a combined windsurf/kitesurf event supported by NeilPride and Cabrinha. I decided to join in, even though I was feeling very rusty after a 2 months long winter break. It turned out to go really well!


Normally I just compete in Freestyle, but this time I decided to give the other disciplines a go as well.


I ended up participating in Freestyle, Slalom Race, Hangtime and Speed. I really enjoyed trying out some new disciplines.


To my surprise I got 1st place in Freestyle, Slalom and Speed, 2nd in Hangtime and got awarded as the overall fastest woman on water.


It was a really fun and well organized competition. After going home with 5 trophies, 5 medals and some decent prizes I got the taste for the Filipino competitions, so I decided to join in on the ICTSI Philippine Kiteboarding Tour as well.


I will share more information about this amazing tour in upcoming blog posts.

xx Malin 🙂


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