ICTSI Philippine Kiteboarding Tour – Stop 2: Boracay

After the Funboard Cup I only got a few days of rest and kiting before the second stop of the ICTSI Philippine Kiteboarding Tour was starting in Boracay. Pka3

The first stop was held in Cagayan, however I was still back home in Norway during this time so unfortunately I missed this one. In this competition they arranged 3 divisions; Freestyle, Hangtime and Course Race.

DCIM104GOPROI decided to join in on Freestyle and Hangtime, as I wanted to keep my focus on what’s most important for me – which is Freestyle.

pka5I finally felt like I was back in the game and managed to perform some good heats and made it to 1st place in Freestyle. I was really happy with this, as there were a lot of competitors and the level was quite high in this stop.

IMG_3789 Unfortunately the Hangtime discipline was held in around 9-10 knots and I was really underpowered on my 17 m! Is that even possible?! I think my jump was about 2m high and ended up on 4th place. Oh well, at least they managed to go through with the discipline even though it was so light. We had a really nice award ceremony on a cruise in the sunset!

IMG_3829All in all, was a really fun event arranged at Bulabog Beach with lots of competitors and good crowd!

IMG_3821xo Malin 🙂


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