ICTSI Philippine Kiteboarding Tour – Stop 3: Daet, Bagasbas

The 3rd stop of the Philippine Kiteboarding Tour was held in Daet in Bagasbas.


All kiters traveled together from Boracay with a long ferry ride, followed by a night bus. Quite the ride, but we made it in the end. This place was quite the contrary to the paradise Island, Boracay. During the competition we had rain, storm, whiteouts and huge waves. But at least we had wind! We did our best to stay motivated throughout the comp.


I participated in all disciplines – Freestyle, Hangtime and Course Race. It was definitely a challenge to compete here. The pic below speaks for itself. Can you spot the rider? 😉


I got 1st in Hangtime and 2nd in Freestyle and Course Race. I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t do better in Freestyle, as I wanted to defend my title from the Boracay stop.


Even though I was not riding my best I had a very close final heat against the 3 x Asian Champion, Aya Oshima. However, she ended up taking the win. Congrats to Aya! In the end I was happy that I got to show a better level in Hangtime when we got better conditions for this discipline. We had very strong wind, which allowed for some decent jumps. I was also happy with 2nd place in Course Race!!


On our last day we were lucky to get some nice and sunny weather so we got to check out the surf in Bagasbas.


After making it through the tough conditions in this competition, we were finally off to CWC for some wakeboarding. CWC is known for being one of the best cable parks in the world and it turned out to be a real tropical paradise!


All kiteboarders were definitely enjoying their time there, riding from dusk to dawn. I enjoyed it so much that I ended up staying a week longer than planned. Maybe I will convert to wakeboarding in the future? You never know!


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