My life in the Philippines…

I decided to go to the Philippines this winter for some decent wind and kiting. I must say that this trip has been exceptional! It’s kind of funny how I booked this trip the day before take-off with no other plans than some winter training, yet it turned out to be on of the coolest trips of my life! So many exciting things have been happening, which I will all share in some blog posts later on. Everything has been going fluidly from one moment to the next. Even after 2 months there I felt like I barely had the chance to sit down, relax and just enjoy the moment. For now I can just agree with the local slogan: ‘Life is more fun in the Philippines’. Filipinos do really know how to enjoy a good life!

Below you will get a sneak peak of what I got up to!

Kiting in paradise locations…


With the beach all to myself…


Competing in Boracay Funboard Cup and the ICTSI Philippine Kite Tour…


Traveling around the islands exploring awesome spots to kite and wake, meeting great humans along the way…


Getting completely hooked on wakeboarding and falling in love with CWC… #tropicalwakeparadise #bookit


Keeping up with adventures along the way…


I will write more about all the different events soon!

xx Malin 🙂


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