CWC – The Tropical Wakeboarding Paradise

After some weeks of kiting at the busy Bulabog Beach and competing I decided I wanted to try out something else for a change. It was perfect that CWC, the world known wakeboarding paradise, was just close by our last competition site in Bagasbas. A couple of the riders decided to jump in a Gypnea and get going to the tropical wakeboarding paradise as soon as possible after the award ceremony.


I have been wakeboarding for some time now. I only go every now and then, but I really love it. Little did I know though, that CWC would turn me into a complete wakeaholic. There is just something about this wakepark!

Amazing obstacles to hit…


Beautiful surroundings with palm trees and azur blue water…



Sunny and warm weather almost everyday and insane riders to watch…

malin sunset copy

Hence, whether you’re on or off the water, you never get bored!

Sometimes you have to force yourself to take a break from all the wakeboarding. A good sign to know when a break is essential is when you’re feeling more like a 80 year old rather than in your mid twenties. Yes, wakeboarding all day every day will do this to you. Here are some of other things to do in case that happens:

Go for a massage and enjoy watching the riders from your massage bed. Or simply just enjoy the pool area…


Group yoga for some decent stretching…


Go on motorbike excursions to the waterfalls or hot springs. This does wonders to your body!


Oh, and you can also check out vulcanos in the area and go on mountain hikes!

CWC – Thanks for an amazing stay! I will definitely come back 🙂



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