ICTSI Philippine Kiteboarding Tour – Stop 4: Palawan, Puerta Princesa

The last stop of the ICTSI Philippine Kite Tour was held in Palawan on the beautiful island Puerta Princesa. We were all excited for this event as it was supposed to be an amazing place for kiting.


At this event we were really lucky because we got sponsored with bungalows at the most amazing place to stay – Blue Palawan!


Blue Palawan is a white sand beach resort in the heart of Puerta Princesa. We felt really spoiled here due to their great hospitality and service. It was the perfect place to unwind after our days competing.


The most amazing flat water lagoon is also located just outside the resort, so it was perfect for some riding and practicing in between the comp days.


I participated in Freestyle and Hangtime in this event. The first couple of days we were waiting for wind and praying that it would come in.



On the last two days the wind kicked in and we were lucky to be able to compete in such great conditions and finish off the tour!



I was stoked to perform well in both disciplines and took home the overall title in both Freestyle and Hangtime!


I really enjoyed competing in the Philippine Kite Tour this year and I hope to be back for the next tour in 2016!

Thanks for now Philippines. You were above all expectations!

xx Malin 🙂


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