Back in Egyyypt!

I’m back in Egypt after spending the winter at home in Norway and traveling in the Philippines. Egypt has been one of my favorite destinations this year. The sun is shining most days and it’s blowing almost all year round. This place truly is a kitesurfing paradise.


There are many great spots in Egypt including El Gouna, Soma Bay and Hamata. For the spring I have settled down in El Gouna due to the fact that there is simply more to do around this area. I really love the vibe here.


There are many cafes, restaurants and bars around in the area so there is always something to do in the evening. In addition to that you have tennis courts, golf courts and a cable park. There is simply never a boring moment here if you’re the kind who like to stay active.


My favorite station in El Gouna is Kiteboarding Club. It has everything you need; great environment, delicious food and drinks, awesome service and the best kiting opportunities.



There is a pool just outside the station with a bit deeper water, which is the perfect place to practice your freestyle maneuvers. My favorite time to go is during low tide, as there are less people out and the water gets super flat.



My favorite no wind activity is definitely the cable park. The more time I spend wakeboarding, the more I love it and the more I want to progress within this sport. It’s really fun to try something new again, where you feel you still have so much to learn.


Every session I have I feel like I’m progressing and improving my riding. The combination of kitesurfing and wakeboarding is just perfect here. Wind or no wind, there is always fun to be had. This time it’s actually so windy here that I’m looking forward to no wind days so I can go wakeboarding! The hardest part is to take a break every now and then…

smile copy

Watch the wakeboarding space, there is definitely more to be seen from there 😉


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