First Place Kite Jamboree

I had a fun time competing in the Spring Jamboree last month in El Gouna. Every year Red Sea Zone arrange two Kite Jamboree Freestyle competitions, one in spring and one in autumn.

Jamboree1   IMG_3386

I participated in the Autumn Jamboree last year, so it was great fun to come back to El Gouna again for the Spring Jamboree. Happy with my first place in the kite discipline!



Unfortunately it was too windy to hold the Cable competition this year, so we did not get a chance to compete in the wake discipline.


Competitions aside, I’m really enjoying my time here in Egypt – Kiting, teaching, and wakeboarding. I’m also working on some other projects, but more on that later. After the Philippines I’m really hooked on wakeboarding, so whenever it’s no wind I always go to the cable. Hitting obstacles is so much fun! I love to work on my style on the sliders and kickers. Even so, it’s been windy almost every day so we have mostly been kiting. Thanks to all my supporters for making this possible!


Oh, and I’m loving my new Liquid Force Setup for this year!


Wish you all some good winds,

Xx Malin


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