Tall Girls Trippin – El Gouna


‘Quite tall. Quite blonde. Not quite serious!’


Last week my friend Zuza Czaplinska came over from Poland to ride and visit me in Egypt. We had a really fun time together kiting, wakeboarding and goofing around. We decided to make a little video from our stay here together, combining both kiteboarding and wakeboarding.


TGT (1 of 1)-24

We wanted to create something simple where our key was to simply have FUN and show all the great things you can get up to here in El Gouna!

TGT (1 of 1)-8

TGT (1 of 1)-18

TGT (1 of 1)-54

We hope that this video will give you some good vibes and that you get inspired to get out there, not take yourself too seriously and just have a fun time on the water with your buddies.

saturday FB

‘No pressure, no stress, no obligations. “Tall Girls Trippin – El Gouna” is the first episode of what is hopefully going to be a long series of fun adventures worldwide together… Because girls just want to have fun!’

TGT (1 of 1)-15

Smiles and shakas all the way 😉


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