Gypsies on Tour – Episode 4: PKRA Egypt


Follow the girls from Gypsies on Tour on their adventures along the PKRA World Tour. This time they compete at the World Tour stop in Egypt.


Gypsies on Tour – E3 On a Boat!


We had a great month in Egypt training for the PKRA stop that was held in Soma Bay in the end of May. In this episode you can check out how our daily routine was during this time. I can ensure you that it was anything but regular!

Gypsies on Tour – Episode 2: Lovin the Cable


In this episode we show you our first taste of Egypt – The cable in El Gouna! The first 3 days we did not have any wind, so we decided to go to the cable park in El Gouna. Check out the video and see for yourself how amazing it is there!

Gypsies on Tour – Episode 1


Meeting up with Kristiin Oja and Annelous Lammerts in France!

Gypsies on Tour!!


When I went to the PKRA World Tour in France I hooked up with Kristiin Oja and Annelous Lammerts. We hit it off pretty fast, so I decided to join their training trip to Egypt for the next competition. They have created a video project called ‘Gypsies on Tour’ where they give you a taste of their adventures along the World Tour. I was lucky enough to join in on the project, so from now on you can follow what the three of us are getting up to!

Here is the first episode 🙂



I’m having a great time here in Soma Bay, Egypt! Currently staying at the Bigdayz kite station riding every day in perfect, crystal clear water together with Annelous Lammerts and Kristiin Oja. Laci Kobulsky from Bigdayz just put together this super nice edit from our first week – Check it out and get stoked!




Here’s my video from Brazil this season! Had such an amazing stay at Pro Kite Brasil, and will definitely go back there. The best place to kite and progress for sure! Thanks to all the lovely people involved and for making it such a memorable experience. Give the video a share if you like it!!